Wednesday, 2 April 2014

How much water is needed? Great infographic from FAO

Land & Water Division from the Natural Resources and Environment Department at FAO is responsible for disseminating research papers and inform the general public as well as interested institutions, authorities and politicians on  strategies for agricultural water management addressing water use efficiency and productivity, and best practices for water use and conservation. 

In particular the Division aims at developing the following targets:

  • Integrated water resources management, 
  • Water harvesting, groundwater, 
  • Use of non-conventional water, 
  • Modernization of irrigation systems, 
  • On-farm water management, water-quality management, 
  • Agriculture-wetlands interactions, drought impact mitigation,
  • Institutional capacities, 
  • National water strategies and policies, and
  • River basin and transboundary waters management. 

The division has recently released an interesting infographic listing the quantity of water needed for the production of common beverages and foods to make the public aware of how every day gestures like taking a coffee or eating a sandwich require the use of huge amounts of water.

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