Friday, 3 May 2013

United Nations - What is the difference between international days and world days?

UN organizes events and initiatives to celebrate important dates and anniversaries. These events are aimed at promoting the objectives of the Charter of the United Nations and aim at supporting awareness campaigns and people's action on political, social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights.

These events are usually selected by the delegates of the Member States of the United Nations participating in the annual sessions of the General Assembly.

The United Nations has established International Days, Weeks, Years and Decades to inform the world public about specific issues such as human trafficking, non-communicable diseases, discrimination of HIV / AIDS, racism, gender equality or the access to justice and fair trial.

Information on the celebrations organized by the United Nations
are available on the UN international observances site:

International Days

International Weeks

International Years

International Decades

World Days, on the contrary, are events organized by the Specialized Agencies of the UN system, like for example:

22 March - World Water day (UNESCO)

3 May - World Press Freedom Day (UNESCO)

17 May  - World Telecommunication and Information Society Day (ITU)

16 October - World Food Day (FAO)