Monday, 25 April 2011

Good news from the delta of Niger to reduce gas flaring

Gas flaring is the natural gas burning associated with the  extraction of oil. Companies, operating in the Niger Delta, prefer to burn it rather than separate the gas from the oil it as as it commercially expensive to do so.

This procedure, not only wastes natural resources that could create additional revenues for the development of the local population, but also damages the ecosystem and heavily contributes to greenhouse gas emission at global level.New initiatives seem to address the problem, as also stated in a recent dossier on the Vanguard, a local Nigerian newspaper.

A joint venture between Shell Petroleum Development Company, and Eni Saipem Nigeria Limited will develop a pipeline system that will gather the gas, currently flared, for use in the domestic gas market.

When completed, these projects will extend the Associated Gas Gathering (AGG) facilities coverage to more than 90% of the associated gas produced in the Joint Venture operations.

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