Thursday, 2 June 2011

The latest draft of the Petroleum Industry Bill in Nigeria is just becoming a flash in the pan. By deleting all the clauses on gas flare it will not help the population in the Niger Delta

Petroleum Industry in Nigeria
It seems more and more evident that the Bill under discussion in the current presidency tenure will not enter into force in this session. Both the proceedings in the House of  Representatives and the Senate of the National Assembly are very slow at dealing with the votations for the articles in the text. The interests of international companies and local politicians are slowing down the entry into force of the Bill.
Furthermore, civil society organizations like Social Action are saying that they will mobilise Nigerians to resist the passage of any version of the Petroleum Industry Bill, which fails to address local concerns.
Representatives in the organization protested few days ago for the fact that all clauses aiming at ban gas flaring in the Petroleum industry have been deleted from the text under discussion. In the following publication prepared by Social Action, Environmental Rights Action and Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre you can find further details:

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