Tuesday, 8 April 2014

7th April 2014 Rwanda 20 years on - a Commemoration event in Rome

Under the sponsorship of the municipality of Rome, the NGO Bene Rwanda with the contribution of John Cabot University and in collaboration with the Budapest Centre for the International Prevention of Genocide and Mass Atrocities organized, in the Sala della Protomoteca in Campidoglio, the event "Rwanda 20 years on". A commemoration day in remembrance of the Tutsi genocide that took place in the country in 1994. The event represented the occasion for the numerous high school students, journalists and  representatives of academic and public institutions present to revive and reflect on one of the most tragic pages of our contemporary history.
Direct evidences from survivors and an intense debate on the historical context and on the responsibilities of the international community and in particular on those of France, who leaded OpĂ©ration Turquoise, the military operation established to stop atrocities,  moved more by political interests rather than by humanitarian concerns, helped the audience better understand what was going on in the small African country 20 years ago.

Programme details with the painting Years on (2013) by Bruce Clarke
After participating the event, I would like to think that the surgical and atrocious elimination of hundreds of thousands of Tutsi, at that time voluntarily unheard and hidden to the public opinion, will have a sense in the end and that all those victims will contribute to model different United Nations institutions. New reforms should envisage voting systems able to really defend the interests of the humanity as a whole and not the mere political and economic interests of single states. The current veto system used by the permanent members of the Security Council weights a ton, but how can we believe in substantial reforms when those members are also the top economies of the world?
Rwanda genocide  favoured the creation of the International Criminal Court and the emergence of the Responsibility to Protect approach but what it's happening right now in Syria and could happen  in Central Africa Republic teach us that more needs to be done soon.

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