Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Information on the Internet could be an evidence to incriminate Colonel Gaddafi ?

As in occasion of the revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, Aljazeera is following with a dedicated blog, the protests taking nowplace  in Libya.
Internet has transformed the way people is informed about historic events like these.
In the early 90s, the most emblematic simbols of the first Gulf War were the pictures of the Iraqi artillery shooting on the Nato airplaines attacking Baghdad and the dense smoke of the oil wells set on fire in the desert.


CNN International, the cable television based in Atlanta, became famous worldwide for broadcasting live the war in all tv screens around the world.Nowadays, we receive these information directly from the people involved. They testify their experiences through the Web. Which are their fears and hopes. The cruel reaction and resistance of the forces loyal to Gaddafi show us the atmosphere of intimidation and oppression that the Libyan people have suffered for more than 40 years!!!

The courage of people publishing videos on Youtube, the data collected on the map below providing the details of fights and bombings around the country deserve much more attention and need to be considered not just as event's accounts but, according to the circumstances, as evidences of the infringement of human rights and the outrageous use of force perpetrated by Gaddafi against the People he represents and defenceless civilians.

The site of the protesters

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