Tuesday, 22 February 2011

The history of aid effectiveness from the Millennium Summit to Busan - 2nd part

2002 Monterrey Consensus of the International Conference on Financing for Development:

The Monterrey Conference highlighted a number of important issues for the the successful implementation of the Millennium Development Goals:
  • The aim of the Conference had been to examine the internationally agreed development goals adopted during the past development decade, and especially the goal of halving the number of people living in absolute poverty by 2015, for their financial implications and to indicate ways of mobilizing the financial resources needed to achieve them.
  •  Governments of developing countries during the Conference became aware to be primarily responsible for their own economic and social development.
  • Industrialized countries understood the importance for developing countries to participate and being more actively represented in the various international institutions. 
  • The Monterrey Consensus also called for new action, for example, increasing ODA effectiveness, achieving fairer burden-sharing during the management of international financial crises, promoting the adoption of international insolvency law and the role of the private sector.

    2003 Rome Declaration of the First High level Forum (HLF) on Harmonisation:

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