Tuesday, 16 May 2017

New 2017 India philanthropy report launched

 Bain & Company launched the 7th edition of its India Philanthropy Report.

The focus of this year’s report is the growing importance of the individual philanthropist in the overall landscape of funding for the development sector. It goes beyond analysing how much philanthropists are giving and instead focuses on the evolving approaches that givers are adopting to maximise their philanthropic impact.
Despite the country registered annual average economic growth rates at 6.10% within the 1951-2017 period (tradingeconomies.com), part of the population, especially in rural areas, still encounters problems of underdevelopment and this report provides interesting information for stakeholders in the development sector. 
The document focusing on philanthropists habits contains interesting hints relevant to maximise synergies among givers, IGOs and NGOs and facilitate the setting up of new projects otherwise lacking the necessary resources for their implementation.

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