Monday, 13 April 2015

On 23 April Port Harcourt in in Nigeria will pass the baton to Incheon in Korea as new Word Book Capital for 2015

United Nations promote literacy and lifelong education in particular through the work of UNESCO, the specialized agency devoted to educational, scientific and cultural development.

The Agency established the International Literacy Prizes to award each year worthy institutions and organizations that work to leverage literacy worldwide. In addition, in collaboration with the International Publishers Associations (IPA-UIE), the International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions (IFLA) and the International Booksellers Federation (IBF), UNESCO noominates each year since 2001 a city as World Book Capital to support the dissemination of books as the most effective tool for the promotion of knowledge and means of preserving it. 

The idea took form during the 31st session of the General Conference (the assembly gathering all member states of UNESCO) in Paris, the headquarters of the Organization on 10 October 2001 under the sponsorship of Spain, Benin, Colombia, Egypt, Ghana, Lithuania, Mexico, Philippines, Russian Federation, Switzerland, Tunisia and United Kingdom with the vote of Resolution 29.

Next 23 April, Incheon 인천시 in Korea, nominated in 2013,  will become the new World Book Capital.The Korean city follows in the order

Madrid (Spain) 2001,
Alexandria (Egypt) in 2002
New Delhi (India) in 2003,
Antwerp (Belgium) for 2004,
Montreal (Canada) for 2005,
Turin (Italy) for 2006,
Bogota (Colombia) for 2007,
Amsterdam (the Netherlands) for 2008,
Beirut (Lebanon) for 2009,
Ljubljana (Slovenia) for 2010,
Buenos Aires (Argentina) for 2011,
Yerevan (Armenia) for 2012,
Bangkok (Thailand) for 2013, and
Port Harcourt (Nigeria) for 2014 .

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