Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Net Mapping toolbox for development practitioners, an helpful tool to improve needs assessment, strategic planning and monitoring in projects

Case study project gum producers Sudan (1)
During the ShareFair event(26 - 29 September 2011)  currently on going at International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) I had the opportunity to participate yesterday to the presentation of Net - Map.
Case study project gum producers Sudan (2)
This interview-based mapping tool helps practitioners assessing needs, improve planning and monitoring in development projects. The methods helps better understand, visualize, discuss  the situations in which many different actors influence the final outcomes (Net-Map Brochure: 679 KB).  After the identification of all the relevant stakeholders to the project in question, in the second phase are defined the links among the various actors and assigned different colors to the links (e.g. who is giving money, influence the decisions, or give commands etc.). The use of influence towers helps to clarify the level of influence that certain actors play in the final success of the project.

Presentation made by Paolo Brunello

more information:
Communities and networks connection

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