Thursday, 25 August 2011

Where the jasmine revolution could blossom next?

On the Economist website is available  "The Shoe-Thrower's index". Apart from the non-academic name, this index is very useful to measure the level of instability in the Arabic countries. This statistical tool is based on some indicators such as the level of corruption, the freedom of press, the democracy ranking and the years on power of their leaders. The
Since the first demonstrations occuring in Tunisia in November, then the protests spred in various countries, Morocco, Algeria, Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Libya, Jordan and Egypt. In particular, the massive demonstrations forced Ben Ali in Tunisia and Mubarak in Egypt  to step down and favoured in Libya the composition of the National Transitional Council, which is overthrowing Gaddafi with the help of the Western countries.

In Jordan and Morocco, the young monarchs started to adopt a series of reforms. The situation is very difficult in Syria and Yemen.
Tahir square, Cairo - Egypt
Demonstration in Avenue Habib
Bourguiba, Tunis - Tunisia
Demonstration in Tobruk - Libya

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