Monday, 22 August 2011

When time flies - Almost one year ago Gaddafi was setting up his Berber Tent in villa Pamphili in Rome and now is surrounded in his compound

Gaddafi and Berlusconi
On 30 August 2010, Colonel Gaddafi was visiting Rome in occasion of the Italian-Libyan Friendship Day , a celebration organized by the Italian Prime Minister Berlusconi to reinforce the political and economic interests between the two countries.
Actually, around one year later according to rumours, only one week before the commemoration of the 42th anniversary of his rise to power, Gaddafi  is surrounded in his compound or has taken refuge in the neighbour Tunisia.
The protests, started in February in the wake of the demonstrations in Egypt and  Tunisia. These were, at the beginning, brutally stopped by the Colonel with the use of mercenary forces from Mali and Chad but after a period of uncertainty, the newborn National Transitional Council, representing the opponents, with the military support of the Western forces was able to face and defeat the forces loyal to Gaddafi. After months of fights, the rebels arrived yersterday night to Tripoli. Heavy fighting are reported around Libyan leader Col. Gaddafi's compound as rebels say government forces still control up to a fifth of Tripoli. Despite this, the end of the regime seems very close.
Flag of the Kingdom of Libya 
and the National Transitional Council

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