Saturday, 11 June 2011

Australian Parliament is discussing the adoption of the Illegal Logging Prohibition Bill

Illegal logging hazards protected species and favours landslides and floodings in villages located in the forests. It is not only important to enforce specific measures in the affected countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar or Papa New Guinea, but also to adopt adequate legislation in those countries where the logs are exported. The United States (Lacey Act) and the European Union (FLEG Regulation, EU Timber Regulation) have already adopted and amended specific legislation.

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Parliament of Australia, Senate -
Canberra, Australian Capital  Territory
What it is interesting about the current Bill under discussion in the Australian Senate is the fact that big corporations, like IKEA,  and environment groups, like WWF and Greenpeace, are forming an alliance in an attempt to urge the Australian government to crack down on illegal logging and follow the so called common platform (a set of recommendations to help governments adopt effective legislation).

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