Sunday, 10 April 2011

2011 declared Year of Forests by the United Nations

2011 has been declared  the Year of Forests by the UN General Assembly. The logo celebrating the event was designed to empathize the crucial role of forests for being at the same time shelter for people, habitat to bioversity, source of food, medicine and clear water.

A number of events have been arranged to celebrate this important occasion. On the FAO website there is an interesting section called Toolkit for communicators where it is possible to find videos, pictures, posters and banners together with several publications. In November, UNODC will arrange a workshop for Police, Prosecutors, Judges and Forest Rangers on the topic of criminal justice response to illegal logging in Indonesia.

The video "of Forests and Men" produced by the Good Planet Foundation is the official film of the International Year of Forests

For further information on the events arranged by the UN click here

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