Tuesday, 1 February 2011

A book on the ruling of the European Court of Human Rights

The Council of Europe has just released a new book on the European Court of Human Rights. For over 50 years the Court's rulings have resulted in numerous changes to domestic legislation and helped to strengthen the rule of law throughout the wider Europe.

The book European Court of Human Rights: facts and figures retraces the Court's activities and case-law since its foundation in 1959. The presentation of several hundred of the cases the Court has examined, together with statistics for each State, paints an overall picture of the Court's work and the impact its judgments have had in the member States.

The book reviews the law cases of the Court by theme and by article of the European Convention on Human Rights. This work shows the full extent of the rights and freedoms the States Parties to the Convention have undertaken to secure to everyone within their jurisdiction. In addition,  It also takes a country-by-country look at the cases the Court has been called on to examine, and at the impact its judgments have had in the States it has condemned for violating the Convention. A resume of the ruling of the Court is also available in the following summary.

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