Sunday, 19 December 2010

Mobile phones and broadband subscriptions in developing countries

The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) the UN agency established to promote  the development of networks and services for information and communication technology released interesting statistical data on mobile phones sales and Internet access via broadband  connection. With regards to cell phones sales, the 3G technology is increasing its market share both in developed and developing countries. Main difference between 2G and 3G network resides in the faster data speeds offered by 3G. The 3G standard allows data, pictures and videos to be uploaded and downloaded quickly, while for voice use and text messaging, the differences between the two standards is minimal.
The developing world is increasing its share of mobile subscriptions from 53% of total mobile subscriptions at the end of 2005 to 73% at the end of 2010. In particular, countries like China and India and others in the Asia Pacific region are leading this growth.
The situation is still critical in Africa. While 71% of the population in developed countries are online, Internet user penetration in Africa will reach in 2010 only 9.6%, far behind both the world average (30%) and the developing country average (21%).

Further details on the access to the Internet are available on the Internet World Stats site.

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