Wednesday, 15 December 2010

European Development Days - EDD

Brussels hosted last 6 and 7 December 2010 the 5th edition of the EDD conference. The event have seen the participation of representatives from academic, institutional and civil society organizations gathering in the Belgian capital to discuss, comment and try to define the new set of priorities for the international cooperation sector. In particular, the presentations arranged in the Square Brussels Meeting Centre focused on 5 main topics. Namely, governance, democracy and human rights, private sector and global health.
Aid effectiveness, ownership, technical innovation, support to the local initiatives are concepts echoing in all the presentations. But good words are not enough. How is it acceptable in the 21 century the proliferation of counterfeit medicines? the MDGs objectives are far to be reached and resources for development projects initiatives have been cut down significantly both at states' and international level. But money is not all, first of all a more committed political will in the international community towards the needs of the most poor countries could contribute to a radical change

We will recap what have happened this year in occasion of the next edition of the EDD...See you sharing good news in December 2011 in Warsaw!!!!!!

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